Turf Projects, Croydon, 2018.

Ten mother-child artist collaborations:

Agneta Almborg & Emanuel Almborg // Claire Anderson & Georgia Anderson // Joyce Colclough & Jayne Parker // Louise Dow & Bronte Dow // Cheryl Beckles & Georgia Lucas-going // Emily Maduro & Gray Wielebinski // Ulla Rask & Dyveke Bredsdorff // Sharon Thompson & Hannah Regel // Rosemary Uddoh & Rosa Johan Uddoh // Fatma Unal & Deniz Unal

MOTHERS is a collaboration between mothers and their children. It is a gesture to the care our mothers have provided, and are continuously providing, which was unpaid, invisible and not seen as real work.

MOTHERS will present work from ten collaborations and twenty artists, presenting attempts at losing artistic control, raising new insights into our relationships with our mothers and into experiences of motherhood itself.

Mother Hair

Cyanotype on paper
Mum’s hair, eyebrow, beard, pubic hair, leg hair,
Croydon, UK. 2018

Exhibited next to my mother Ulla Rask’s contribution.