16mm film printed as cyanotype on clear leader. Made camera less with photograms of fake eyelashes, viol leaves, lace, and human hair. 7,5 metre loop. 2018

Part of ‘Lesbian Love Story’, Slade MFA Degree Show, 2018.

In 'Lesbian Love Story' fake eyelashes, human hair, lace and leafs creates a lesbian love story as a blue and white flickering in front of your eyes. Abstract gestures of bodies and shapes not defining characters, plot, or narrative and shown as a loop giving no beginning or end, create a queer alternative questioning the mainstream representation of lesbian storytelling created with a male gaze.

‘Lesbian Love Story’ 16mm film loop installed at Slade Shows 2018 

Installation of series ‘LESBIAN LOVE STORY’ at Slade Shows 2018, London, UK

'Lesbian Love Story' use the cyanotype to investigate ideas of lesbian representation, imagery and visibility. Using light as exposure and the chemicals as a method of capturing moments of time as changes in nuances of blue, lesbian bodies transforms into abstract body parts conveying feelings instead of specific identities or biological bodies.

Copyright - Dyveke Bredsdorff, 2018