In Bad Weather 

Rødovre, DK. 2022

Havebienalen, Kolonien II. Kurateret af Marie Braad Larsen.

7 hand thrown eggs
Seaweed, beach flies, rotten apples
Compost structure.

Horse hair and human hair is burned on to the hot clay as a glaze of hair on the eggs surface. Placed in a nest of smally seaweed and beach flies on a plinth of compost.

In Bad Weather is inspired by the Laysan Albatross nesting in the Pacific and famous for living in lifelong lesbian relationships. Recent research shows that because of climate change the birds have to travel longer for food and are now showing a high divorce rate. The work is a (not so) imagined future where humans have gone extinct and all is left is fossilised imprints on egshells.

Photos by Rine Rodin